Escape the City with Us!

This week, we bring to you adventures for all the city dwellers out there. Whether that’s close-to-home exploration around the NYC area, or a little bit further out in the Southwestern deserts, read on to learn about how to get outside and enjoy nature this summer!

Adventurelist News

Spread the word! The Adventurelist team is currently rapidly working towards our Summer 2021 launch. Our goal for this summer is to launch in areas that are accessible from the New York City and Boston areas. Stay tuned for more details!

Escaping the City

Thinking about taking some time off this summer to get outside of the urban hustle and bustle? Now’s the best time to start the weekend warrior lifestyle and plan for some fun weekend trips outside of your city! If you’re located in the New York area and want to start planning some trips with Adventurelist, check out this list of must-dos adventures in the area.

Outdoor Industry News:

🌵If hiking in the American deserts of Utah, Arizona, and Colorado anytime soon, park rangers want you to help them preserve the desert landscape.

🦟Dreaming about your next hiking or backpacking trip? Learn about how to and remove ticks and the diseases they spread!

🚵‍♀️Mountain biking has grown to be one of the hottest sports in the past decade. Learn more to join the adventure biking trend!

🚣🏽New to kayaking? Here’s a guide on all the gear you need to be water-ready and to survive all temperature extremes.


What We’re Watching:

Monday by Eli Odegaard & Wes Coughlin

Between 5pm Friday night and 9am Monday morning there are 64 hours for the Weekend Warriors to embark on an epic adventure. Follow Mike Chambers and Jason Antin as they summit Mt. Hood – the tallest peak in Oregon, run a triathlon in Jackson, WY, and climb the Moonlight Buttress in Zion National Park.


May 26, 7pm ET/4pm PT: Paddling with Ashley and Natali

[Discussion] Join Astral ambassadors Ashley Manning and Natali Zollinger as they chat about their experience paddling and their passion for accessibility in the outdoors. They’ll make you want to try paddling at least once!

June 3, 4pm ET/1pm PT: Bike Borderlands: Eight Mountain Bike Destinations to Visit this Summer!

[Presentation] Interested in exploring more mountain biking areas along the East Coast? Come learn about the best places in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and even Quebec to go biking and review the Code of Conduct for riding in the outdoors.

June 10, 1pm ET/10am PT: She Summited Each Continent’s Highest Mountain to Empower Women with Wasfia Nazreen

[Talk] Come hear Wasfia Nazreen, the first Bangladeshi to summit the highest peaks on each continent, recount her passion for mountaineering, the challenges she faced as a woman, and her current efforts to empower female mountaineers around the world.

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